The Best Listener

My frustration had reached a really high level.

Can you identify with this uncomfortable emotional state ?

It is a type of anger that results when our needs are not being met.

I felt I needed to talk to someone, to ‘vent’ , to have someone who would understand and comfort me in my distress.

The three best listeners I know came to mind – my husband, my friend Anne and my brother, Michael, but then I remembered instead, the Best Listener, and I decided to talk to him instead.

I went to my room overlooking the sea, closed the door, and spoke to God.

As a new Christian, I thought it was presumptuous when people claimed that they talked directly to God.

Gradually, however, I learned that we can speak to the ruler of the universe, through our faith in Jesus, who has created a bridge between God and man. Talking to God is called praying.

Jesus told us in the scriptures, that no one can approach the Father, unless they come through Him. ( John 14:6 )

Those who believe that ‘there are many paths to God’ would probably find this message offensive, and yet, for love of neighbour, God asks us to share that He is personal and loving , and we can communicate with Him directly, but we need to come through Christ.

I spent a long time that night talking with God, and then I listened, in silence, to the impressions that came to my mind.

I realized the part that I had played in creating my frustrations. I became aware also of the tremendous frustrations that Jesus felt during his earthly life, as He tried to teach proud Pharisees, his often cowardly disciples, and fickle crowds of listeners. Jesus understands frustrations.

Since the day I decided to consult the Best Listener, I regularly bring my concerns to Him through prayer.

My frustrations have decreased, and my peace has grown.

The words of the hymn remind of us a great truth. :

What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear,

What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer.

Photo by Sally