A Closer Look


These were the words I saw on a huge billboard in St. John’s, North America’s oldest city. Yesterday I visited my Dermatologist for a skin check up. I’m of Northern European descent ; my colouring is very fair, so I need to keep careful checks on my skin.

Everyone, though, especially over the age 60, is wise to check out any new, unusual skin changes with their physician.

I was so happy when I saw the billboard ! But I saw it quickly, and didn’t interpret it accurately because we were driving.

At last, I thought, it was a huge Pro-life (LIFE) message in a very public place !!

A few blocks later, we saw other copy of the same billboard message. Since we were stopped at a red light, I read the whole advertisement, and realized that it was not at all about human mothers who may feel regret and depression about losing their babies to abortion, as I initially had thought.

Instead, the billboards throughout the city are there to send the message that mother cows suffer terribly when their babies are taken away from them, and their milk is given to humans, instead of to their calves, who rightly deserve their milk.

It’s another sad commentary on society, when the rights of the unborn are ignored, while we are increasing told to consider the feelings of animals.

My husband and I have a tremendous love of cows, since my husband’s defective aortic valve was replaced with a valve made of bovine (cow) tissue.

I do wish though, that the needs of mothers-in-crisis could be considered on public bulletin boards ,rather than the emotions of mama cows.

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33 thoughts on “A Closer Look

  1. Incredulous. So sad. Animals over people. Pathetic. I wonder if these people care at all for their fellow man as they appear to animals? I wonder if they even love themselves to have such little love for other people.❤

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  2. Agreed, Sally. As it says in the Bible, “We have traded worshiping God for worshiping His creation.” I believe this is in the New Testament book of Romans? The Apostle Paul goes on to say, several times, “And God gave them up.”—meaning, “Ok, have it your way.” I see this most prevalently with individuals who need four terms to describe their gender.

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  3. It is often we see so much said and done for animals, and rightly so but when it comes to babies the very same people could not care less. Cannot understand how a puppy can generate compassion but a baby is overlooked.

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    1. Manu, these are exactly my feelings too. I love puppies, and animals, and especially, I love people, including the innocent pre-born.
      I appreciate your comment. 😁🌷

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    1. Great that you make kefir. I have seen it recently out here in our grocery store here – a new product for us.
      Good to know that it helped with digestive problems.
      Happy are those who love..
      Thanks. 🤗🌷

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  4. You point out a sad failure of modern humanity to recognise their evil ways against the unborn, they would rather mourn the welfare of well tended farm animals. As you rightly say, if only such billboards carried figures displaying the scale of genocide carried out against children.

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  5. Hi Sally, this is absolutely the sad truth of modern society. My husband and I stand for life at the largest Planned Parenthood in the northern hemisphere, begging mothers to save the lives of their children and preaching the Gospel. People hate us for being there…babies are precious and God is Holy and WHOLLY against this atrocity. We pray for more people to wake up. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    1. Praise God for your beautiful ministry.
      Abortion hurts mothers who lose their children. Fathers, and grandparents also mourn the lost babies.
      Here, a boundary zone has been established around the death clinic, so that people standing too close to it to minister to the moms can face arrest, and fines.
      Praise God for your ministry. Surely our Lord appreciates your valuable witness.

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      1. Amen sister, right after our first grandbaby was born, we saw the movie Unplanned and God moved our hearts to get involved however we could. Abortion is awful for everyone it touches so we want to bring the hope of salvation in Christ and just be a voice for the voiceless, praying always that we can stop them before it’s too late. That’s a shame that people who simply want to rescue babies from the slaughter are being prevented in that way. Thank you for your encouraging words and for your post to bring awareness as well. 💖💖

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