The Unlikely Choir

Have you been asked to do something that you knew would be really challenging ?

The pastor of our little sea-side church asked me, the music director, if I would form a church choir.

At the first practise , six keen women, and two gentlemen arrived.

I discreetly listened to their individual voices, and found that two of the ladies did not sing in tune. ( they lacked pitch accuracy).

Two other women sang in tune, but decades of cigarette smoking had affected their vocal chords, and they now preferred to sing an octave lower than the rest of us.

Both gentlemen had lovely tenor voices.

None of the choir members could read music, but they had a great enthusiasm for wanting to praise the Lord.

And so, my challenge began. It was time consuming to find hymns that the members could learn by rote (memory), and also challenging to transpose the music into a key where everyone could sing.

But we persisted, enjoyed wonderful fellowship, and each week, amazingly, we continued to improve.

Eventually we were invited to sing at other local churches, at long- term care homes, and even at a Christmas Concert televised on cable t.v.

The unlikely choir was successful, because despite our challenges, the Holy Spirit blessed our sincere efforts to worship.

God sees all of his children’s heartfelt desires to praise Him.

I never told the two choir ladies that they did not sing in tune. That really didn’t matter, since God loved their music.

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Photo of Trinity Newfoundland with iceberg and lighthouse in the distance

43 thoughts on “The Unlikely Choir

  1. Loveee itt❤️
    It’s never about the most qualified, it’s always just been about the most available .

    God will take anything we give Him in total surrender and make Beauty of it.

    Kathryn Kuhlman was quoted saying “Lord if you can do anything with nothing, then take it”
    And God took her and made her name the wonder it is today ❤️

    May we not disqualify ourselves forgetting that God just seeks the available people, He’ll teach us the rest.

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    1. So true !! There may have been better qualified singers, but they were unavailable.
      Thanks so much. Indeed ‘God will take anything we give Him in total surrender and make Beauty of it.’ Thanks, and blessings to you. 🌷🌼

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      1. It is true, Francis, that we musicians have very sensitive hearing and ears, and I consider it a blessing, but it has its challenges.

        The other day I was sitting in the waiting room of my physician’s office, and although I was minding my own business, I could hear every word the physician was saying to the patient !
        I told the Dr. that I was concerned about the lack of soundproofing in his office, and he said that next time it would be better if I waited in my car instead of the waiting room ! 😄


      2. Exactly ,our ears are adapted in such a way that a far off noise reaches our ears very quickly when others are least bothered about it .Thank you very much for sharing your views .Take care.🌹😊🙏

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      1. Haha…Tonya, that is great that you are gearing up to start a choir.
        Yes, it is a great way to develop one’s patience, sense of humour, and diplomacy skills. 🤗🌼


  2. I love this valuable story Sally, which reminded me of a “Touched By An Angel” where Tess had a similar challenge and they produced a beautiful sound eventually. How often we see those neglected by men chosen by God, succeeding by His power. What a wonderful God we serve!

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  3. I remember your earlier post about a woman in your church who sang loudly and off key. I had no idea there was a whole choir of willing (but somewhat unable) musicians! God bless you for persevering, Sally! The Lord looks at the heart, more than the level of our abilities. He can use ANYONE who is completely committed to His purpose.

    On a side note, the doctor who told you to wait in your car sounds a bit unreasonable. You made a valid point and something should be done about it. A patient’s private medical information should not be easily heard in the waiting room. Period.

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    1. Hahaha David ! Yes, we had several very keen singers.
      I agree that the Dr. should have more soundproofing in his office.
      Since you are a fellow musician, you know that our sensitive hearing often enables us to hear more than what we would like to hear. 😄🌼

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      1. Exactly ! I experience this too ! So glad you understand, David.
        I once worked in a classroom which had lights that buzzed in an irritating key of Bflat. I preferred to turn off the lights and work in the natural light coming in through the windows. My students appreciated this !
        These are the ‘irritations’ that only musicians understand. 😄🌷


  4. Moses stuttered, yet he was chosen to speak to the Israelites. God gave us our voices, so I picture him grinning when he hears me sing his praises – even if they’re off key! Keep on singing and directing! We need music in our lives.

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  5. That’s good. And congrats on the success. 🤗
    And yes God loves their music. 💯😊
    It took me a while and some growing up to accept that God doesn’t necessary want our voices to be all sonorous but the posture of our heart is what matters most in our worship to Him. 🙂

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