Lessons From Some Driving Gloves

Do you have any bad habits that you are trying to break in 2020 ?

I had developed a habit of hobby shopping at Amazon.com.

With today’s new technology, spending money has become easier than ever !

My first order was some cinnamon from Sri Lanka, through the Cinnamon Hill Company in England. That was so easy, and successful, that I quickly progressed to buying other items such as French shaving cream and soaps for my husband, a weighted blanket, which we love, silk pillowcases to prevent wrinkles, and lots of other nice, but unnecessary stuff.

It was when the leather driving gloves arrived, that the Holy Spirit convicted me that my habit had become sinful and overindulgant.

The gloves were the wrong colour, much too big for my small hands, and had no fingertips.

As I re-packaged the gloves to send back to Amazon, I asked for God’s help to stop my over- shopping. It had been pleasant to shop by tapping on my iPad while sitting in my lounge chair.

I have no further plans to buy anything else through Amazon.com.

There is great poverty in our rural outport. Many residents work seasonally at the local fish processing plant, and year-round work is often part-time and minimum wage.

Near the end of the month, most stores are empty, as people await the arrival of their government cheques.

God reminded me that money does not ‘belong’ to us. Everything belongs to Him, and he expects us to use the resources that he has ‘lent’ us wisely. He expects us to help our neighbours.

I am grateful I overcame this bad habit with God’s help.

I still have other bad habits that I need help with too.

26 thoughts on “Lessons From Some Driving Gloves

  1. Congratulations on overcoming this! I know that’s not easy πŸ™‚πŸ’™. Thanks a lot for being so open and sharing your story.

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      1. You’re very welcome πŸ’™. I sensed what the post was going to be about from the title…been there to an extent! Think a lot of us can relate to an extent, not necessarily to the point of addiction. We’re all kind of in a battle with this world of capitalism, temptations and easy access :).

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  2. Good for you, Sally. I do shop online, but only for things I really need and can get cheaper by doing so. Or things I can’t get locally. I do some shopping on Amazon, but my main site to order from is iHerb for supplements and many other natural products that I can get way below regular retail prices with free shipping. I have many brands to choose from so try to get a balance between price and quality so I don’t overspend but get a decent quality too.

    I need to overcome the habit of staying up too late working on the computer or reading. That’s a long-term problem for me and I don’t seem to make much headway changing that habit. Maybe one day (or should I say night) it will happen. I think it started because I don’t get the interruptions then that I do in the daytime and can sometimes accomplish more.

    I’m sure we all have habits we need to overcome and will have as long as we are living on this earth. Some are easier to deal with than others, and some have been with us for much of our lives and so are much more difficult to defeat. I pray that we will all have God-given strategies in 2020 to overcome habits that are especially hindering our walk with the Lord.


    1. Hi Diane ! Very nice to hear from you. It sounds like you have found a good supplier for natural products. It is ideal when we can find a balance between price and quality. Thanks for commenting. πŸ€—

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  3. Great testimony Sally. Thanks for sharing. Nowadays it is easy to spend money, because everything is electronic. I took a Christian finance class (Financial Peace) he said we need to return to the envelope system to get away from overspending with credit and debit cards.

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    1. That sounds like an excellent course, Dawn. The envelope system is an excellent choice. Because he knew how important money is to everyone, there are surprisingly many references to money in the scriptures. Debt is a common problem that destroys the peace of many. I am going to get those envelopes ready ! Thanks for your wisdom. πŸ€—

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      1. I did enjoy the course! Debt is a destroyer of peace. I’m glad we have scriptures to help us. You’re welcome!!


      2. Dawn : I agree, debt destroys peace, as it is a form of ” bondage”. My son also uses the envelope method, is super cautious with money , and is happy to have no debt at all. I think that good course you took should be taught to everyone. πŸ€—

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      3. They offered it at church. It was 8 or 9 weeks. I took it in 2016. I know other churches offer it too. Maybe your church can look into it. That’s great your son is so responsible with money. πŸ€—


      4. Excellent that your church offered the course ! A church that offers such a course is really ministering wisely to people. I am still on my journey to find a church where I will “fit in”. Thanks, Dawn for the encouraging and wise words.πŸ€—

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  4. Hi ! Yes, that was a turning point for me, when I realized that I was not being a good steward of the resources that God has entrusted to me. God watches to see what we do with our money. πŸ€—


  5. I think that today with modern technology it is really difficult not to develop bad habits because everything we need is supposedly at our fingertips, shopping, over indulgence, friendship and connections but is this at the cost of our sense of reality.
    I have no doubt that online connections work after all I met my partner 5 and a half years ago through Facebook and we got engaged on New Year’s day.
    However it is easy to get caught up in drama and negativity and be misunderstood as well as developing meaningful relationships.
    Time is another valuable commodity which we shouldn’t waste and I think that it is important to work on our close relationships and have a physical connection.
    I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to seeing more of your words.
    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.


  6. Great post. We all need reminders like this; I’ve tried to curb my spending on unnecessary items by making a point of pausing and asking myself if I really need it before making a purchase. Also, I no longer frequent stores just to shop unless I absolutely need something.

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